Wolfs­burg is loo­king for you!


You want to take your future in the hand?

Are you rea­dy for chan­ge?

You dare you some­thing?

Then you are right with us!

Wolfs­burg is a young city with all the pos­si­bi­li­ties you need to pre­pa­re for your future.

125,000 inha­bi­tants, a very low unem­ploy­ment rate, a lar­ge demand for skil­led workers and appren­ti­ces, Europe’s lar­gest auto­mo­bi­le fac­to­ry, many dif­fe­rent sup­pliers, ser­vice com­pa­nies, craft enter­pri­ses, col­le­ge and the Carl-Hahn voca­tio­nal school form your per­so­nal future per­spec­tive.

The com­pa­nies in our city, from Volks­wa­gen to the craft enter­pri­ses are loo­king for appren­ti­ces who want to make a dif­fe­rence.

They are loo­king for you!



In our sha­red apart­ments and in the trai­ning com­pa­nies, you will recei­ve from us a very indi­vi­du­al edu­ca­tio­nal sup­port to achie­ve your edu­ca­tio­nal goals.

We pur­sue goals — your goals!

Which we want to defi­ne tog­e­ther in tar­get agree­ments and reach tog­e­ther.

What do we offer you?

  • edu­ca­tio­nal accom­p­ani­ment
  • best con­tac­ts to poten­ti­al trai­ning com­pa­nies and schools
  • Assi­s­tan­ce in all office and repor­ting mat­ters
  • Help in con­tact with the Immi­gra­ti­on Office (for young peop­le from abroad)
  • Inten­si­ve trai­ning Ger­man
  • Trai­ning-accom­pany­ing help through our ori­en­ta­ti­on coach
  • Help in money and account mat­ters

    Volks­wa­gen Are­na
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with the par­ents in the home coun­try
  • Sports and leisu­re offers on the local clubs
  • Living in a sha­red flat

What do you need for that?

  • Moti­va­ti­on for trai­ning and life in Wolfs­burg
  • an intro­duc­to­ry talk with us
  • a school diplo­ma that fits your edu­ca­tio­nal needs
  • the moti­va­ti­on to try some­thing new and to start
  • the con­sent of your parent or guar­di­an (if you are not yet 18 years old)
  • a cor­re­spon­ding resi­dence sta­tus for Ger­ma­ny

    VW Werk Wolfs­burg
  • The Okay of the Youth Wel­fa­re Office (if you are loo­ked after by the Youth Wel­fa­re Office)

Our employees are expe­ri­en­ced edu­ca­tors. They are your part­ner for the appren­ti­ce­ship in Wolfs­burg.